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Four years have passed since I took the step to change my lifestyle under the guidance of Hakan from Rebuild Body Plan and Rebuild Nutrition. And I can proudly say that I am still in shape and fit. The transformation I went through at that time has had a lasting effect on my life.

Thanks to Hakan's knowledge and expertise, I have learned how to properly adjust my diet and keep my body in optimal condition. His guidance has not only helped me achieve my physical goals, but has also strengthened my mental mindset. I am more confident than ever before and have developed a healthy relationship with food.

It hasn't always been easy. There have been moments of challenge and temptation, but I have always remained motivated thanks to the support and inspiration I have received from Hakan and the Rebuild Body Plan team. They taught me that health and fitness are a lifestyle, not a temporary change. And that is exactly what I have committed to.

Four years later, I feel stronger, more energetic and healthier than ever before. Not only have I achieved my physical goals, but I have also experienced tremendous personal growth. I am grateful for the lasting impact that Hakan and Rebuild Body Plan have had on my life.

So here I am, four years later, still in shape and fit. And I know I can keep this up because I have been given the right tools and knowledge to support my health. I look forward to the coming years as I continue to embrace my healthy lifestyle and push my boundaries.

Thank you, Hakan, for the incredible journey we have been on together. My appreciation and gratitude are endless. On to even more success and a life full of health and well-being!

DENISE KIELHOLTZ- 34 years- Amsterdam

When I look back on my martial arts career, I am proud of what I have achieved so far. My name is Denise Kielholtz and I am a six-time kickboxing world champion. I am now on the verge of also becoming Bellator's world champion in the sport of MMA. My training regime is intense and I work hard to achieve my goals.

I have been active in martial arts since I was nine years old. I started with judo and soon became Dutch champion. But my true passion lay in kickboxing, where I found the challenge I was looking for. I have had the honor of becoming world champion six times and beating everyone in my weight class. Still, I felt it was time for a new challenge.

That's why I switched to MMA, with one of the world's largest organizations in America. This is where I started I am entering a new phase of my career and I have already built up a good winning streak. But my biggest challenge still lies ahead: winning the world title in MMA. This title will be the absolute highlight of my career and I am determined to achieve it.

In addition to my intensive training schedule, nutrition is an essential part of my success. I work with Hakan from Rebuild Body Plan and am very satisfied with the nutrition plan and the high-quality supplements from Rebuild Nutrition. The schedule is so precisely drawn up that I can always eat at the right time, even before I get hungry. This gives me energy all day long, makes me sharper during training and makes me feel fitter and healthier. I can perform optimally in all areas and my body thrives with this approach.

In just 30 days, I have already achieved great results thanks to the Rebuild Body Plan nutrition plan and supplements. I have lost 5 kg of fat and at the same time built up 2.3 kg of muscle mass. This is a fantastic achievement and only motivates me more to keep going.

I train intensively every day and yet I feel sharp in all areas. I am grateful for the collaboration with Hakan and the Rebuild Body Plan team. They have helped me achieve my goals and I believe that with their support I will become the champion in MMA that I aspire to be.

I am determined to reach my full potential and with Rebuild Body Plan by my side I know I am on the path to success. I will continue to train, push my limits and fight for my dream. I am ready. Let's go!


At 43, weighing 250 pounds, I started my journey to a healthier life. In just 8 weeks, thanks to the advice via WhatsApp from Rebuild Body Plan and the powerful Slimming Package from Rebuild Nutrition, I lost no less than 11 kg. This success has not only transformed my life, but also inspired my wife. She has now also started the Rebuild Nutrition Slimming Package after seeing my results. If you and your loved ones also dream of a healthier, more energetic life, then Rebuild Body Plan with their expert guidance and Rebuild Nutrition with their effective supplements are the perfect choice. Invest in yourself and discover what is possible. Together with Rebuild you can write your own success story.