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Hakan, the owner and founder of Rebuild Body Plan and Rebuild Nutrition, can proudly look back on more than 25 years of experience in the field of exercise, nutrition and coaching. His in-depth knowledge and expertise have enabled him to develop a unique working method that focuses on the individual. With an impressive track record since 1998, he has consistently achieved wonderful and lasting results for his clients, often affectionately referred to as 'the waste guru'.

As a true authority in his field, Hakan has achieved national and international fame. With an unparalleled passion for his profession and the ability to develop tailor-made nutrition plans and personal training regimes, he is among the absolute top in the field of coaching. His success stories have attracted the attention of the press and he has even shared his expertise on NPO Radio 1.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Hakan has developed a deep understanding of what each individual needs to strive for optimal health and fitness. His reputation is unparalleled and he is recognized worldwide as a leading authority on health and wellness.

In addition to his extensive coaching expertise, Hakan has also developed a vision on the use of high-quality nutritional supplements to support his clients' coaching plans. With his wealth of knowledge and experience, he founded Rebuild Nutrition, a product line that has become indispensable in the daily lives of countless people. Hakan's commitment to quality, his deep-rooted passion for health and his years of experience make him a true pioneer and innovator in the health and fitness industry.

Due to the high demand for our coaching plans and extra support in the form of personal training, our team has been strengthened with two top trainers who provide the training with a lot of professional knowledge and passion.

Over the past ten years, Tom has acquired a lot of knowledge in the field of fitness and nutrition. With his perseverance, focus and motivation, he has applied these in his own life. This has made him personally, physically and mentally the passionate personal trainer he is today. He has turned his passion into his job and now works with his clients every day on the training that suits them

As an expert by experience, Angie knows what weight loss can mean. After losing twenty kilos herself, she decided to delve into fitness and nutrition lifestyle. She wishes everyone the energy and self-confidence she has found herself. Angie has become an expert in guiding people to the best version of themselves. Because of her friendly and very clear way of working, she knows how to motivate people as a personal trainer to really get the most out of themselves.